Words cannot explain the excitement and joy...

Posted by Shainna on 3/8/2011 to Customer Comments
"Words cannot explain the excitement and joy I have when I wear my jacket. When I got my jacket, I took it out the box and I sat in my room with it on just looking at it. I stayed in the mirror for like two days straight. I have never been so excited and proud to wear my letters. You all did an absolutely amazing job on my jacket. The proof didn't do the final product justice. Now everywhere I go, people ask about my jacket and where I got it from and I am so proud to say stuff4greeks. I am one of the first people to have a line jacket on my campus and in my chapter to have one so the response has been SUPA overwhelming. now I have my brothers saying they want a jacket. I have no problem refering to you. my jacket was worth every single penny. because the amount of compliments I receive, has basically paid for the jacket. Everytime someone new sees it for the 1st time they have to stop and look and ask me about it. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you. I will be back to order some more items from you."
Mu Mu Chapter
Spr. 2010