Six Ways to Spice Up Your Greek Letters

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 8/1/2015 to Tips

Unique Greek letters on Greek apparel

How to Enhance Your Greek Letters When Buying Frat/Sorority Apparel

Here are 6 ways to make your Greek wear stand apart from the rest. These options are available on the custom apparel order forms:

UNIQUE FONTS: We have over 20 different Greek fonts to choose from. Stick with the traditional, or go a bit radical. We can also use pretty much any font under the sun for your non-Greek text.

SUPER 3-D LETTERS: give the illusion that your letters are flying through space. This is a wildly popular lettering technique that has never been seen on Greek jackets until now. These 3D letters give the ultimate impact.

TRIPLE-LAYERED LETTERS: Most Greek jackets come with double letters (like red letters with a white outline), but why not take it a step further? Add another layer of color for decoration or to incorporate one of your organization's auxiliary colors.

ICON LETTERS: Get any symbol or mascot incorporated into your letters.

HALF-AND-HALF LETTERS: Split your letters in half to give them a unique two-tone look. See examples.

SPECIALTY FABRICS: Choose from camouflage, metallic, diamond patterns, and more. Learn more about our specialty fabrics here.

Now go browse through 1000's of photos in our gallery to see even more examples of these special features and get creative inspiration. Then click the button below to create your own masterpiece.

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